Our History

The Hamden Town House Restaurant

The Hamden Town House Restaurant opened in April 8, 1987 after a fire almost destroyed what was then a Howard Johnson’s. The restaurant was started and restored by 3 friends, Spiro (my dad), Mike, and Teddy, all from different parts of Greece. In 1996 Mike retired and Teddy soon after in 1999 both moving back to Greece to be with their families. It was just my dad and us running the restaurant ever since.

My dad was the owner and my brother Ari and I were the managers. My brother and I started when we were young. He was 12 and I was 9 and we bussed tables on the weekends, then in high school I waitressed and managed, and my brother worked in the kitchen cooking and managed as well. A lot of our customer have watched us grow up and some have even come to our weddings!

In 2015, my brother and I bought the restaurant and we run it with our spouses, my husband Ahmet, and my sister in law Tammy. We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Typical “Greek” diner food. Breakfast is served all day and all night. Every day we have different breakfast, lunch, and dinner specials. We serve beer and wine. Different homemade soups every day. We are open from 6am to midnight, 7 days a week. The only day we close is Christmas Day.

  • We use local vendors for all of our food, and even grow our own basil in the summer!
  • We did a complete remodel in January of 2014. Literally from ceiling to floor and everything in between.
  • We are VERY family friendly and have remodeled in such a way to accommodate large parties of all kinds!
  • We are even starting plans of an outdoor patio, so keep on the lookout for that!
  • We offer free delivery Monday thru Saturday from 11am-9pm. Sunday delivery coming soon!!!!

Thank You to our Loyal Customers who are like family to us!

~ Ari & Dina